3 Things to Do Before Purchasing Nameplates or Labels

Placing an order for a nameplate is not something that needs to be a source of frustration. No matter if you are a senior buyer at a large company with multiple products needing a badge or a small business looking for a label with your contact information to place on your product, there are a few steps to take before placing that order. This post offers a quick run down of three things to do before purchasing nameplates or labels.

Information before buying nameplates and labels

1 - Review Your Nameplate Requirements

Companies need a nameplate or label for a variety of reasons - from building brand awareness to tracking equipment as part of inventory control. There are many variables that come into play - What type of nameplate is needed? What information needs to be called out? What type of material is it made from? How will it attach to the product? Are there industry specs that need to be met? Is it exposed to indoor or outdoor environment?

Before an order can be placed for a nameplate or label, be sure that you understand the type of nameplate that is needed and the revision is current. Company information can change from time to time, so it is a good idea to review the graphics and text to confirm if any updating is necessary.

2 - Confirm Current Pricing

Nameplates, labels and ID Plates are considered commodity items for many industries and product categories. The cost of these line items is a common concern for buyers looking to improve their bottom line. Anytime there are changes in artwork or text, an updated quote should be reviewed.

In this day and age material costs can be very fluid. It can be worthwhile to review pricing with suppliers. It also gives you a chance to update information on your nameplate or label for any changes to your branding needs.

There can be opportunity for cost savings by taking advantage of quantity price breaks. Rather than placing a single spot buy once a month, evaluate opportunity to consolidate quantities with less frequent orders. Be aware of your future needs and look for opportunities to maximize price breaks.

3 - When Are Parts Needed?

Make sure to give your supplier adequate lead time to build parts. If we know about your needs and have an open order, we have possibility to move ship dates. We do need to allow production time to print and fabricate parts to your unique requirements. Many times this can be accomplished in as little as 10 working days for repeat orders. New or revised parts may need a little longer to allow for proof or sample approval and any special tooling needs.

There are times when expedited or rush orders are needed. We understand that and do our very best to work with you. Let our Customer Care team know what your timing needs are so that production can be reviewed for accommodation and any costs that may be incurred. 

How Can We Help?

Taking the time to gather necessary information for the specs of a nameplate along with reviewing your pricing and timing needs make for a more streamlined order process. Trust that your order is given proper attention to meet ship dates with an attention to detail, resulting in quality parts that meet or exceed your expectations. It's what happens every day for our customers and we're happy to be here for you! Need help getting started? No worries. Let's have a conversation and find the right solution for your branding needs. 

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Originally published October 10, 2019. Updated for resources and freshness April 13, 2021.

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