5 Benefits of Rebranding Your Product

Staying relevant and in tune with the market is a common goal when companies look at product packaging and how their brand is perceived. It is healthy for companies to periodically review their market strategy including branding for their product. Before settling on a definite rebrand strategy, it is helpful to understand how rebranding can benefit your goals. 

benefits of rebranding and updating nameplates

1. Make Connections with a New Audience

Updating your product nameplate with a refreshed look is opportunity to reach new customers. A rebrand brings renewed stimulation that is needed to create new growth in the market. Your brand is one of your most valuable assets. The combination of your logo and brand colors sends a message that your company is unique. 

2. Stand Out in the Market

A nameplate can be the eye-catching element that differentiates your product from others in the market. It is an indication of how valuable (or invaluable) your product is compared to others on the shelf. Staying aware of how your product and brand compare to others in the market is a key part of any brand strategy. If your product doesn't stand out, it can be looked over - and this turns into product staying on the shelf instead of moving through checkouts. 

3. Be Relevant

According to Zillion Designs, a logo has a general shelf life of 10 years. Of course this can fluctuate depending on your industry. Your logo is your face on your product. When a corporate logo has changed it is important to update the branding across all channels. Take time to evaluate colors, the best shape for your nameplate as well as placement on to your product.

Many product labeling has requirements for industry-related messaging, operator instructions, cautionary statements, etc. Does your nameplate or equipment ID plate need to be updated in order to stay compliant? If so, blueprints and artwork files need to be updated for text and graphic changes. 

4. Reinforce Your Values

A recognizable logo printed onto an eye-catching metal nameplate can be that element that makes someone stop and look at your product versus the next one of the shelf or in the aisle. It speaks to what you see is important and valuable in your brand. 

5. Increase Perceived Value for Your Product

Just like a nice nameplate helps to set your product apart from others, it can take your brand to the next level. It is your opportunity to draw attention and increase the perceived value for your product. Rebranding with an attractive nameplate means that the product value is worth more than one with a just a cheap sticker or throw-away label. 

What type of update is needed for your nameplate or label?

Depending on what your objective is for rebranding, you may need to start from scratch in the design process. For instance, if your product has changed material, the makeup and process for producing your nameplate may need review. The type of surface can make a difference in the adhesive that is used. Or if the label traditionally has been placed on a flat surface, and now there is a form or bend, this may be a good indicator that the label substrate may need to be changed. These examples are more extreme and require more discussion, potential feasibility reviews to determine best recommendation for adhesive, material, etc. To bring these types of updates to production may require updating order releases, looking at your planned usage or forecast, and current inventory levels to determine when it makes sense to go live.

Other updates may be as simple and basic as changing graphics to be compliant with recent regulatory guidelines. Or perhaps you have changed logo colors. These are basic artwork changes that simply require you to submit the updated art files and we will confirm any pricing changes. These can often be worked in as a running change and not affect open orders and releases. 

How Can We Help?

Brands across the globe have trusted us to produce durable and attractive nameplates, labels, and overlays that work hand in hand with their brand strategy. Whether you are just starting out with a project or looking for a facelift to update the look, we have a team of professionals ready to work with you to design an essential nameplate that conveys the right message.

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