Complement Promotional Material with Elegant Aluminum Tip-On Plaques

Grabbing consumer attention - and then keeping it is a common goal for product launch items. What is it about your product that makes someone pick it over the next one on the shelf? The packaging of your product can have influence on buyer behavior. Just google ways to influence buyers, and you will find several lists, articles, and studies that reinforce this. Besides packaging, peer influence, marketing campaigns, and personal preference are other factors that come into play according to a recent blog post by iResearch Services.

metal tip-on plaque for promotional coverI came across this example of a promotional binder which displays a beautiful aluminum tip-on plaque. This simple accent piece takes the binder from a basic holder of information to an elegant and luxurious reference catalog. The use of multiple spot colors contrasts nicely with the silver metal background and the textured surface of the binder material. Attachment to the mating surface is secure with a thick adhesive that makes the metal stand up from the surface, further drawing attention to the branding. 

Aluminum is Choice Material for Nameplates

Aluminum is the metal of choice for product designers looking for durable solutions to elevate a brand. Nameplates and tip-on badges made from aluminum have value for a wide variety of applications in markets from sporting goods and furniture to consumer electronics and keepsake items.

The authentic material adds value to the product. Incorporating artistic elements like color or a custom finish can further elevate the look of your promotional item. Color development is one of the fun parts of playing with nameplate design. Your basic color can be brought to life with changing gloss or moving from a color that is opaque and flat to one that is transparent and vibrant. It's all up to your imagination!

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Metal nameplates elevate the perceived value of the product, no matter if bold colors or luxurious satin gloss is used. These options provide flexibility in creating a unique look that enhances the overall product design. A premium tip-on plaque for promotion can take your brand to the next level. Need ideas to take advantage of this? We can help!

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