Holiday Card Inspired by Glistening Snowflakes and Water Tumblers

Christmas time here in the Mid-West United States means snowflakes falling from the sky. There is a chill in the air and drifts of snow will accumulate over the winter months. The water in lakes, streams, and rivers becomes frozen and captures interesting shapes and layers of ice crystals. Families often create memories on the snow covered hills or icy lakes, spending time sledding or fishing.

It is from these types of fond memories spent with our families along with a beautiful color that this year's metal Holiday card finds inspiration. Each snowflake that drops down has its own unique design. The cold winter air is often portrayed through colors of blue and teal. A co-worker's water tumbler provided the light blue color featured in varying combinations of metallic finish, gloss, and transparency.

Contrasting Gloss and Colors Draw Attention

Aluminum is the base metal for this year's design. It is lightweight, much like that of soft falling snow on a quiet winter evening. Contrasting with metallic, bright, and transparent color is a frosted, softened gloss which make the snowflake graphics appear to dance across the background as light is reflected from the metal surface showing through the ink.

Metal Holiday Card inspired by snowflake design

Embossed Graphic Adds Dimension

A high gloss, white enamel color is used to draw attention to the embossed featured snowflake and Season's Greeting message. The ending result is a highly elegant design which has sparked feedback with comments like "It's so pretty!", "Love how you make these!", "and "What a cool card!". It certainly has created a conversation piece and garnered attention just as intended. 

Embossed aluminum holiday card

From all of us at McLoone - We wish you a joyful Holiday Season and a New Year filled with peace and prosperity.

metal holiday card with contrasting gloss and embossed graphics

How Can We Help?

Metal Holiday cards are just one type of promotional item that can keep you in front of your customers and engaged with the market. We can help get you noticed and be unique - over 65 years of experience backs us up. Let's explore options!

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