3 Simple Ways to Differentiate Your Nameplate

When it comes to creating a nameplate or label for your product it is important to consider ways that make you stand out from others in the market. This helps to draw attention to your brand, differentiate from the next product on the shelf, and ideally enhance your marketing strategy. Here are three simple ways to differentiate your product identification.

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1. Use Color Consistency for Brand Awareness

When you are working through the design phase of product development, one of the decisions needed is to specify the colors for branding. Translating those colors onto your product identification is critical to carry your brand over onto the nameplate or badge. Contrasting color or gloss with background decoration can enhance the look of the nameplate and elevate the brand. 


It is important to consider whether the color called out is to be used for background or graphic decoration. The same color can look quite different depending on the substrate and amount of coverage. Overlooking this part of your design can mean costly changes and delay production or launch of your product.

2. Shape Matters for Nameplates and Labels

custom shape metal nameplateNo matter if your product needs an aluminum nameplate or a polycarbonate overlay, the shape of the branding matters. The options are open and it is not necessary to feel trapped by standards. You can design an emblem to follow common shapes; or step out of the box by using the shape to draw attention, stand out from the crowd and enhance the product design. 

Stamping or blanking your nameplate so the outer periphery of the nameplate follows the outline of your logo creates a nameplate where the focus is the logo. The background is removed allowing the nameplate to be applied to products in a range of colors without needing to color key the background. A nameplate created using a custom shape draws attention, and that may be just the nudge necessary to result in your product being chosen.

3. Domed Labels Draw Attention with Dimension

domed labels make graphics popDoming is a process which applies a clear urethane coating to product identification labels. It creates a dimensional bubble over the decorated surface, drawing attention to the brand. It can be applied overall or just in select areas for further accent. This process is chemical and weather resistant, which means that a product with this type of label will have branding to last the test of time.

Custom domed labels are a simple and cost effective solution for your product identification, making your company logo or product name pop. Domed nameplates and labels are used on consumer products, sporting goods, medical equipment, POP displays, and anywhere else an attention-getting graphic is needed.

How Can We Help?

McLoone offers a diverse selection of material and processes to create effective product identification that sets you apart in the market. Color, shape and adding dimension are common points of discussion for nameplate design. Thousands of brands trust us to deliver high quality custom nameplates, labels and graphic overlays. Let's get started on your durable graphic solution.

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