Embossed Metal Nameplates Explained

One of the elements of product design is the importance of featuring a company name or logo in a way that enhances your overall brand strategy. Embossed aluminum is a classic option which adds perceived value to a nameplate or badge. Products in every industry from consumer electronics and sporting goods to transportation and point of purchase have been found to use embossed features for product identification.

Embossed Aluminum Nameplates

Embossed nameplates are created with a custom tool, which pushes the surface up to match the dimension and artwork image provided. The height of the embossed area depends on the thickness of the metal and the type of tool that is used. The raised area can be spot decorated or left bright aluminum so that there is contrast with background colors. 

embossed aluminum badge

Debossed Aluminum Nameplates

Debossed aluminum is the reverse of the emboss process. A custom tool pushes the surface down into a metal die to create an indent of the image into the surface of the aluminum. The depth of the deboss is dependent on the material thickness. Text or logos can be debossed into the metal nameplate. Alternatively, the background can be raised up, leaving the graphics at original height to give a debossed metal look. 

debossed aluminum graphics

Embossed Patterns on Metal Nameplates

One of the fun things with helping create attractive product identification is to take the opportunity to step outside the box. Don't limit the emboss elements to just graphics or a border. Consider how embossing can embellish the background of your metal badge. Linear or dot structures built into the background can add interest with a lasting impression for your brand. 

embossed background pattern on aluminum nameplates

Nameplate Guidelines for Emboss Operations

Standard tolerances for embossing metal are established. Outlined here are established tolerances based on .020” thick aluminum. Other options in material type, thickness and emboss height are available.

Emboss Type

Tolerance for .020" Aluminum

Maximum height = .015"
Logo or Text
Minimum stroke or line width = .015"
Space between embossed characters = .030"
Minimum stroke or line width = .015"
Space to edge of part = .030"
Edge of part must return to original height
Minimum lip/space to edge of part = .030"

Additional options in material thickness and substrates can be reviewed. Each project is reviewed on a case by case scenario and custom engineered to meet your specific needs. 

How Can We Help?

No matter if you are well seasoned in product design or need some guidance to define the specs for your nameplate, we can help! Our skilled Customer Service and Art Department will work with you to understand how best to incorporate embossed aluminum into your brand strategy. 

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Originally published September 20, 2018 and updated February 18, 2021 for clarity and resources.

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