How to Keep Your Nameplate Design Project on Track

A common need for many of the product identification projects that we see is for the nameplate to clearly showcase the relating brand. Many times there are multiple teams at the company working together either on a product launch or a re-branding effort. Hopefully everyone is on the same page, but there are times when Marketing or Design departments change direction. Communication is key between all the decision-making hubs as well as with the supplier so that the end result is a nameplate or label that satisfies the need. Here are a few tips we have picked up along the way to help make sure that your nameplate project stays on track.


Know Who Makes the Decisions for Branding

It is helpful for us, as a supplier, to know who the players are within the company as well as their roles when we are quoting or reviewing a potential nameplate project. Quotes can be prepared more completely when we understand the final look, shape, size and attachment requirements. On your end, it is beneficial for you to understand who will need to make the decision on sourcing as well as color or first article approvals. This will help you get the appropriate sign offs to keep the project moving.

Make Ordering Easy

Do you know what your purchase order pattern looks like? Is this nameplate for a one time purchase or will there be multiple orders over the course of time? Not only does being aware of planned quantities for your nameplates and labels help with making sure that your production lines are kept up, it helps to make sure that you are ordering at the most economical levels. There are options that can be reviewed for blanket orders, multiple releases and even drop shipments if necessary.

Plan for Changing Needs

Understand that product design can be fluid and subject to updates from time to time. There may be model number changes or updates to marketing taglines that will come up. Be sure that your order system has the most up to date revision level of the specs for your nameplate or label so that when orders are placed, you get exactly what you expect. Communicate changes through proper channels and that includes having the changes reviewed for current pricing. Allow for changes to be made to processing and any updated approvals that may be necessary.

How Can We Help?

Keeping these things in mind as you move through the design of your product identification will help keep everything moving on track. Ready for some conversation about your product identification needs and how we can help achieve effective brand awareness with nameplates or labels? Over 60 years of experience doing just that means a wealth of inspiration is available to use. Our Customer Care team is ready to work with you! 

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