Metal ID Plates with Brand Awareness

Industrial equipment is not typically something that is thought of as a medium for premium showcase of a corporate logo. It is not a product that consumers flock to for holiday sales or the next model release. Does this mean that how your logo and company information is displayed is irrelevant? Not at all! Here are some examples of companies which have included their brand in the design of their metal ID plates

cone-mountFor the data plate above, the corporate logo and graphic is featured at the top right area, but does not take away from the important caution and serial number information for the product. This is a great example of using space on the metal plate for brand awareness.


The metal ID plate above makes use of simple one color printing so that it is consistent with corporate styling seen elsewhere. The familiar logo and brand is featured in bold right at the top and center. This is a great example of how an industrial data plate can include color other than traditional black on metal and ties in with the branding strategies used elsewhere.

ID Plate Certs

This metal ID plate has a simple block style which effectively displays important manufactured information for the equipment. The company name and logo is included at the top for subtle but effective branding.

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