Metal Material Options for Nameplates and ID Plates

One of the first questions that comes up in discussion for creating a nameplate is what type of material options exist. The second, naturally, is how to decide which is the best choice. This post takes a quick look at metal options and factors to consider for the best solution based on your application.

metal material options for nameplates and ID plates

Metal Material Options

No matter if your needs require a highly decorative badge or a basic tag for equipment providing operating instructions, each has its own objective. Defining the right substrate for product identification takes an understanding of its end use environment, and

The two most common metals used for nameplates and ID plates are aluminum and stainless steel. Brass is offered in limited thickness and supply.



Common Applications

Thickness and Finish Options

Indoor or Outdoor Nameplates and Badges
ID Plates and Asset Tags
Safety Plates
Decorative Trim and Panels
.002" Matte and Bright Foil
.012" - .032" Mill Finish and Bright
.012" - .063" Anodized
.062" - .090" Mill Finish
Stainless Steel
Indoor or Outdoor Nameplates and Badges
ID Plates and Asset Tags
Safety Plates
Decorative Trim and Panels
.018" - .036" Brushed


How to Choose the Right Metal

Ultimately, the choice for which metal is right is up to you. Consider these factors for each option, and then have appropriate discussions on your end.

  • How much does your budget allow for material cost? Variances in thickness and type of metal can make a difference in the cost of your nameplate or ID plate.

  • Does the look of the metal make a difference in your overall product design? Aluminum can be decorated to look like brass or stainless steel. 

  • What is the expected life span of your nameplate or ID plate? Along with this, consider if there is end-of-life requirements and how it needs to attach to your product.

  • Are there any regulatory compliances that need to be met for the type of metal that is used? 

How Can We Help?

At McLoone, we have a diverse selection of metal substrates readily available that satisfies most common applications. Our material supplier base is vetted for compliance with

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