A New Year, A New Metal Nameplate

Many people make resolutions for self-improvement or try to start new habits at the start of each new year; going to the gym, eating healthier, reconnecting with old friends, etc. But something we might not think about as we turn the page on our calendars, is to use that opportunity to give our business a fresh start. One impactful way a company can signal change or innovation, is redesigning or investing in metal nameplates for your products. So, let’s talk about why the beginning of the year is an opportune time to revamp your product branding and set the tone for success for the upcoming year!

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Take Stock of Your Growth

The unavoidable instinct with each new year is to reflect – reflect on your achievements, product evolution, and maybe some shortcomings. If your product has gone through an improvement process or the company itself has shifted gears, communicate these positive changes to your customers with an attractive, new nameplate!


Keep up with the Trends

Everything has trends; platform shoes, shoulder pads, and corduroy for example. Design trends in business and marketing are constantly evolving and it’s important to stay up to date with them as a company. Your product will naturally end up on the back of the shelf if you don’t stay current and relevant. A technical pattern, a bright color or a unique shape will capture the eyes of existing and potential customers.

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A Nameplate is the First Point of Contact

A well-designed, attractive nameplate, badge or decal can enhance the overall perception of your brand. It can convey your company’s commitment to quality, professionalism, and attention to detail. All of which can positively impact how your customers feel about your product, and your company.

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New Year, New Marketing Initiatives

Whether you're starting the year off with new product launches, introducing upgraded features, or running promotional campaigns, boost your efforts with a redesigned metal nameplate. Customers will remember and engage with a product that has a more memorable nameplate design! 

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Use this time to reinvigorate your products and break through to the front of those cluttered shelves! Set a positive tone for the year ahead and redesign or create your nameplate with us. Reach out and we’ll send you free samples or get started on some free concept drawings!



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