Secure a Positive Brand Reputation with Trusted Supplier of Product Identification

A recent email came into my inbox discussing the importance of protecting a brand during promotional campaigns. The points made resonated with me as being equally important for nameplates and labels throughout the life of the product on which they are placed.

The article speaks about Five Pillars of Brand Safety. These apply to the conversation that needs to take place in designing nameplates and during the exercise to source effective product identification. In this article, I take those same pillars and apply them to doing business with McLoone.

brand awareness is supported with trustworthy supplier of nameplates and labels

Social Responsibility of Nameplate Suppliers

Brand integrity and reputation is a big deal. A nameplate is one of the mechanisms used to promote a brand, raise awareness for the product and draw attention to itself. As a supplier of nameplates and labels for industrial and consumer products, McLoone is keenly aware of the importance of ensuring our employees have a good working environment. As a US-based manufacturer, we are compliant with local and federal labor laws. 

Our focus on building a culture of continuous improvement means investing in technology and training to improve customer service and offer the best value to our customers. Employees throughout the organization are involved in efforts to improve processes. We are working to accomplish more with less and empower our employees to create sustainable change.

Product Safety = Material Awareness and Practices

Safe operating systems and processes are mandated best practices closely monitored by the United States Department of Labor and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Specific industries have specific guidelines and expectations. Regular safety audits and preventative maintenance on machinery in our production facility keeps people and processes in line. 

Product Quality = Commitment to Customers

As an ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturer, McLoone adheres to strict compliance guidelines to ensure we meet quality and industry standards. ISO Certification gives you the reassurance and peace of mind that we conform to all ISO requirements for a manufacturing facility. 

Customers in any industry share in benefits of McLoone obtaining and retaining certification for the Quality System. Actions taken to improve efficiencies and productivity become standard processes and procedures. 

Environmental Stewardship = Responsible Manufacturing

McLoone recognizes the importance of being a responsible manufacturer and the impact of production processes on our environment and natural resources. Steps are taken to sort and recycle material in each department, from the production floor to office areas. Further, each of our suppliers is asked to take reasonable due diligence with their supply chains to assure that their products meet with legislative requirements. 

Supply Chain Security = Communication and Trust

From the initial request for information and quotation to receipt of purchase order and expected delivery date, communication with your nameplate supplier is key. A supplier who works with you to understand your needs, order patterns and delivery requirements becomes a trusted partner in your success. Contact via email telephone and over our website means we are just a click away when a question presents itself.

You should feel comfortable working with us for all your product identification needs - no matter if your intent is to elevate your brand and perceived value of your product with an eye-catching metal nameplate or simply communicate operating and safety information to the product user with a basic identification label. Metal or plastic. Just a few hundred pieces as a short run or several thousands at a time for a long term planned order routine. 

How Can We Help?

For over 60 years, McLoone has served commercial printers and nearly every industry, combining creativity and expertise to custom manufacture labels, nameplates and decals. We have the manpower and willingness to work with all of our customers to provide the best in durable product identification. What does your brand need? Let's take a look and see what solutions we can find to elevate your brand!

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