Simple Review for Outdoor Nameplates

Products used outdoors require special attention with regards to nameplates and labels. A basic paper label or simple rub-on decal is not ideal for durable and long lasting branding or displaying cautionary information. Extreme temperature (hot or cold) as well as exposure to the elements like sun, rain or snow can be a big factor in protection and processes used for effective product identification. Keep in mind these when considering the material and attachment for your nameplate or label.

kayak with waterMaterial Options for Outdoor Applications

Aluminum and Stainless Steel -
Eye-catching and cost-efficient, metal nameplates and badges are commonly used on outdoor furniture, automotive aftermarket and accessories, fencing and decking, and industrial equipment. Aluminum and stainless steel are most common metal materials for durable nameplates, badges, and signs. They are screen printed with weather, fade, and scratch resistant heavy-duty inks for attractive vibrant colors.

Mylar, Vinyl, and Aluminum Foil - Weatherproof, high adhesive labels and decals stick to most surfaces. The options in design, shape, and color are endless. Aluminum foil, Mylar (polyester), and vinyl are lightweight materials that do not tear and naturally conform to curved surfaces. Polycarbonate is durable and reliable for many industrial settings. Durable printing processes include standard screen printing and digital printing and may include a protective overlaminate layer for added durability.

Secure Attachment to Mating Surfaces

Environmental extremes and stresses challenge the adhesion and bond of your nameplate or label. Machinery or tools that are primarily used outdoors like construction or farm equipment will require an adhesive that is resistant to harsh outdoor environments. Before taking an off-the-shelf box standard adhesive, consider if there will be exposure to any of these:

  • Sunlight or UV rays

  • Rain or humidity

  • Extreme heat or cold

The most common attachment solution for nameplates is a pressure sensitive adhesive for easy peel and stick assembly. Some applications will be better served by incorporating pierced holes for assembly with rivets or screws. 

How Can We Help?

McLoone offers a diverse selection of material, processes and attachment solutions to effectively communicate the message and value for your brand. Thousands of brands trust us to deliver high quality product identification, ID plates, custom nameplates, labels and signage. Let's get started on your durable graphic solution.

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