7 Design Options to Give a Boost to Your Embossed Nameplate

Choosing to add embossing to your metal nameplate, emblem, or badge can take it from good to great. It adds perceived value, looking and feeling more expensive. Incorporating a visual and tactile element entices the consumer to take a second look at your product, and we can help you seal the deal. We offer a variety of options to take your metal nameplate to the top and help it stand out on those cluttered shelves. 

Include a Unique Finish on your Metal Nameplate

We'll just touch on three of our most popular finishes here, but you can read more about the finishes we offer in this eBook. Carbon fiber, technical patterns, and patinas are unique finishes that utilize the inherent reflective surface to enhance the authentic aluminum material.

Carbon Fiber Finishes for Metal Nameplates

The carbon fiber finish is a popular choice for those who want their product to reflect high performance and strength. The reflective properties are utilized to create the shadows seen in weaves and mesh. This finish is commonly seen in the automotive and aerospace market and the sporting goods industry.

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Patina Finishes on Metal Nameplates

While patina is a surface appearance that occurs naturally through aging and oxidation, we’ve developed a process to simulate this weathered look on metal nameplates instantly. This finish is commonly found on furniture and point-of-purchase displays to showcase the craftsmanship and character of the product.

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Technical Patterns on Metal Nameplates, Badges, or Labels

Add a high contrast or tone-on-tone pattern to your embossed metal nameplate with technical finishes. You can take advantage of the reflective surface of the metal substrate and opt for full coverage background decoration or in selective areas to draw attention – they can be as bold or as subtle as you’d like! We can also recreate an existing pattern through a combination of creativity and manufacturing processes.

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Create Contrast with Matte Black on your Nameplate, Label, or Badge

Utilizing matte black is an easy way to bump up the contrast on your nameplate and help it stand out! 

Utilize the Reflective Metal on your Nameplate

Take advantage of the substrate and leave the embossed graphics silver! The contrast of the matte black and bright silver, paired with embossing, are a sure way to draw attention to your badge or label. This is a simple way to emulate affluence and modernism. 


Give your Metal Nameplate a Transparent Colored Tint

Allow the reflective quality of the metal substrate to show through with transparent tints of color! This option means you can create the appearance of other metals like brass, titanium, or stainless steel. We’re also able to create transparent tints in colors like red, orange, green or blue! The options are endless.

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Opt for a Sandblasted Effect on Metal Nameplates

At first glance, it may not look like there is a difference between a colored tint and a metallic tint - but if you look closely, you can see that a metallic tint has a 'sandblasted' or 'bead-blasted' look. This option does not rely on the reflective surface of the metal substrate and is in fact, opaque! Integrate a metallic finish over the entire background or as an accent on embossed areas to add visual texture. 

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Tone-on-Tone for Embossed Metal Nameplates

Tone-on-tone is a simple and elegant way to create visual depth. This can be done with contrasting gloss levels or, for example, a mill finish aluminum and metallic. The most common choice is silver-on-silver followed by gold-on-gold. The design option makes your graphics look as though they are popping off the surface. It's an easy way to add perceived value to your nameplate. 


There are so many options for you to choose from when creating a metal nameplate and we understand that it can be a little overwhelming! So, reach out and we can work with you to create a nameplate that goes beyond your expectations. 

You can read more about these design options with this eBook. 


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