How Patterns Help Nameplate Design

Finding unique ways to dress up and make a nameplate interesting is part of the fun of working with product and brand owners. Conversations for nameplates and labels that take things to the next level mean looking at options outside of the typical specs like material and colors.

Patterns, custom colors, and special effects are attractive and effective elements to make your brand stand out. These options provide flexibility in creating unique looks that
enhance nameplate design.

technical pattern on metal surface

Patterns are decorative elements of a nameplate or label that add interest and sometimes visual dimension. A pattern can be as bold or as subtle as you want. Nearly any color combination, geometric structure, or type of surface can be interpreted into a background pattern for metal nameplates an badges. The resulting finish often becomes a topic for conversation in the look of the product. 

Technical finishes translate familiar geometric structures into repeatable patterns on aluminum surfaces. High contrast or tone on tone looks work well with these types of finishes. Many take advantage of the metal substrate allowing the reflective surface to show though. The screened texture adds both visual and tactile design elements. Aluminum can also be used as the foundation for natural faux finishes like carbon fiber and patina or antiqued finishes.

These types of authentic metal surfaces can be found within consumer electronics, sporting goods, industrial equipment, power sports trim, and many other markets. Precise technical patterns can be integrated into decorative trim, nameplates, badges and labels as background decoration or in selective areas to draw attention. Color, gloss and scale are fully customizable to suit your needs. 

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Metal nameplates and badges can be dressed up by adding a hint of color for contrast, using a screened texture for dimension or incorporating a pattern into an area for accent. These options provide flexibility in creating a unique look that enhances nameplate design. Need ideas to take your brand to the next level? We can help!

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