Impactful Metal Nameplates with Dimension

Adding dimension to a metal nameplate is an effective way to make an impact for your brand. Dimension adds interest and draws attention where it is needed. This is achieved through custom tooling and printing techniques.

1. Physical Dimension for Nameplates with Tooling


Embossing or forming metal nameplates add literal physical dimension, resulting in raised graphics, text, borders, etc.  The embossed area is a permanent marking that will stay in place for the life of the product. It is a design element that cannot be erased or scratched away. Embossed graphics automatically draw attention to a brand. Embossed borders on metal nameplates create visual and tactile dimension.

2. Visual Dimension for Nameplates with Printing

contrasting gloss on metal nameplates elevates the perceived value of the end product

Metal is a great material to use for durable nameplates. Consider how printing on paper can create an optical illusion showing depth. The same look can be achieved when printing on metal. Full color, half tones, and shadows are all options that result in amazing effects. Tone on tone looks like the image here with bright graphics and matte backgrounds make logos appear to pop up off the surface.

3. Tactile Dimension for Nameplates with Textures

technicalPatterns and finishes add interest to product branding. Options include technical metal finishes, attractive faux finishes as well as attention grabbing surface decoration with contrasting gloss levels or metallic inks. 

How Can We Help?

A strong history of producing impressive metal nameplates, badges, and trim here at McLoone means you can trust your brand with us. Skilled fabrication and printing operations have been put into place along with talented professionals who are serious about their roles. Let's talk about how your nameplate can make an impact for your brand strategy!

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