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    Holiday Card Inspired by Glistening Snowflakes and Water Tumblers

    Christmas time here in the Mid-West United States means snowflakes falling from the sky. There is a chill in the air and drifts...

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    Embossed Polycarbonate Overlay Stands Out on Product

    A nameplate or label that is featured on a product can become a functional part of operating that piece of equipment. A graphic...

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    Tags: Embossing, Labels and Overlays

    Metal Data Plates eBook

    Companies around the world use industrial data plates to communicate critical information to end users. 

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    3 Ways to Add Dimension to Nameplates

    Dimension for nameplates is a design element that achieves visual depth. Sometimes this involves custom tooling to physically add...

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    Can Safety Labels be Customized? Yes!

    Safety labels are a key part of the information for use provided by equipment manufacturers to users and are often the only...

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    Tags: Embossing, Nameplates, Safety Labels

    Blind Embossed Aluminum Nameplates and Industrial Tags

    Embossing is a durable solution for permanent identification on a product. It also adds elegance to a design. When metal is...

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    Tags: Embossing, Nameplates

    Functional Embossed Braille Text for Nameplates and Overlays

    Embossing graphics and other information on metal nameplates is a way to add height and interest to the design. These are...

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    Tags: Embossing, Labels and Overlays, Nameplates

    High Heat Exposed Embossed Aluminum Badge

    Exposure to environments with high heat and exterior applications is a common scenario for metal badges. The ideal nameplate...

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    Tags: Embossing, Nameplates

    Heavy Duty Plastic Labels with Dimension through Embossing eBook

    There is more to plastic label design than meets the eye. A lot more. Although we often start designing product identification...

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