Vicky Bowie

Vicky Bowie

As a Marketing Content Specialist at McLoone, I’m responsible for developing interesting and engaging articles, case studies and reference material that helps anyone in need of designing or procuring durable product identification. I bring over twenty years of experience to my role. Much of that time includes experience working with designers, engineers, program managers and buyers in every phase of product launch, working with them to identify and achieve successful product identification with appropriate branding. Outside of McLoone, I am a wife and a mother of an active teenage boy, young adult girl, sassy elder cat and spunky black lab-mix pup. In my spare time I like to cook and sing.

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Can Safety Labels be Customized? Yes!

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What Are Durable Nameplates?

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Customized Durable Safety Labels eBook

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How Custom Shapes Enhance Nameplate Design

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Blind Embossed Aluminum Nameplates and Industrial Tags

by Vicky Bowie on Sep 19, 2019

Embossing is a durable solution for permanent identification on a product. It also adds elegance to a design. When metal is simply embossed (blind...

Custom Reflective Labels for Durable Product Identification

by Vicky Bowie on Sep 17, 2019

Deciding on the type of material that is right for labels and decals can be tricky. One type of application that requires special attention is a...