Color Influences for Brand Recognition

One of the main questions for any nameplate or label that is being created centers on color. Color is one of the primary pieces of any marketing campaign or design project. It is a tool that has been used by brands to be recognizable and familiar. When the right color scheme is used, it can affect a consumer's behavior. Did you know that close to 85% of buyers claim that color is the main factor in why they picked a specific product

color influences for brand recognition with nameplates and labels

Color Options for Nameplates and Labels

The options and varieties of color combinations for nameplates, labels, and overlays are very open. Take into consideration what your product or corporate color scheme shows and then be sure to call out specifics on your artwork file. Also note that some colors are regulated by legislation or industry standards. An example of this is "safety orange" found on warning labels. The wrong color can mean improper operating of machinery or handling of material. 

  • Spot Color - opaque, transparent and metallic colors can be called out.

  • Color Gradients - subtle variations in color hues can be achieved using half tones and fades.

  • Process Color (CMYK) - wide spectrum of options can be achieved.

How Can We Help?

Color should not be an area of concern for your product identification. McLoone has a long history of providing quality parts meeting or exceeding expectations of our customers. Let us work with you to make sure your next nameplate or label has the right color to keep your brand looking good.

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